RT Strata Monitoring - How it works

Realtime monitoring systems, with remote access

RT Strata Monitoring System is an integration of the following;

  • Monitoring hardware
  • Transmitting hardware
  • Power supply
  • Software interface

RT Strata Monitoring Hardware is;

  • compatible with existing devices
  • a Flexible system: monitoring locations are user defined and interchangeable
  • reused from panel to panel or set up for LOM sites
  • designed for future intergration of devices 


Austdac Power Supply

Approved hardware enables monitoring stations to be located in hazardous zones.


  • Data resolution of 0.03mm
  • System can monitor up to 125 channels per trunk
  • Hardware can be located up to 2.5km from main control panel and 1.5km away from a monitoring station
  • Control stations communicate to surface via Ethernet -this can be on the mines existing Ethernet (fibre / copper) network, allowing utilization of current infrastructure and network redundancy.


Software Interface: strata alert

  • Server PC is connected to underground control station and reads and records monitoring data
  • Multiple users can connect as Clients which can be located where ever a PC and network connection is available
  • A graphical user interface to live and historical displacement data and alerts available to unlimited access points
  • TARP Integration
    • Alerts checked every minute
  • Onscreen warnings, email notifications to alert CRO and selected personnel
  • Movement data is recorded every minute
  • Up to 100 years of historical data can be retained
  • Detection of movement in up to 5 intervals
  • Reporting includes:
    • raw readings,
    • displacement between intervals; and
    • rate of displacement (mm/day; mm/week etc.)
  • Load historical manual tell-tale data & input new manual data through excel
  • System recognises invalid movement (bumps) and creates an alert