We provide industry leading support services to the PIMS Group stakeholders by living our five team values.

  • Mutual Respect

  • Loyalty & Commitment 

  • Professionalism 

  • Awareness

  • Integrity

Mutual Respect

This means we value each other and how each member of the team contributes. We are courteous and listen to each other and we respect the boundaries of the team’s hierarchy and roles.

We demonstrate this in our behaviours by consistently:

• Listening to, and equally valuing each others’ point of view
• Voicing opinions or concerns appropriately and constructively
• Not interrupting or speaking over each other
• Accepting and adhering to decisions once made

Loyalty & Commitment

We act in the best interests of the company and the team. We believe in the company and are proud to be part of the team.

We demonstrate this in our behaviours by consistently:

• Putting in the required effort to get the job done and achieve business goals
• Going beyond the responsibilities of our role to benefit the company
• Being positive about what we can achieve


We behave appropriately representing our company with pride and executing work to a high standard. We take ownership of our actions.

We demonstrate this in our behaviours by consistently:

• Projecting positivity towards business by our own actions
• Providing constructive feedback that focuses on behaviour, not on the person
• Meeting deadlines and focusing on processes
• Practicing good business etiquette
• Maintaining the confidentiality of private or sensitive material


We consider the team’s needs and the pressures and deadlines others are under. We understand how our behaviour impacts on others.

We demonstrate this in our behaviours by consistently:

• Seeking to understand people’s differences, needs and perspectives (empathy)
• Communicating priorities, deadlines, expectations, or barriers to timely delivery
• Offering and asking for assistance
• Thinking about what we say before saying it
• Focusing on the good of the team ie) individuals may not always get what they want


We believe in our team values and inspire trust by holding ourselves to high standards of ethical behaviour. We take ownership of our actions and responsibilities.

We demonstrate this in our behaviours by consistently:

• Being honest and consistent with our actions, values, expectations and outcomes
• Recognising and acknowledging positive behaviour or contributions
• Doing what we say

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