PIMS Mining

is a quality provider of mining services

to the coal mining industry.

We provide operational, trades and statutory personnel for any sized project including labour coverage, mining contracts or the execution of complete mining projects.

  • Project Management
  • Secondary Support
  • Development Drivage
  • Stone Drivage
  • Bord & Pillar Mining
  • Longwall Mining
  • Longwall Installation/Recovery
  • Diesel Fleet Maintenance
  • Strata Support
  • Installation of Ventilation Devices
  • Conveyor Installation/Recovery
  • Conveyor Maintenance
  • Communication Installations
  • Drilling Services
  • Statutory Coverage
  • Training and Mentoring

PIMS Mining have a vast fleet of machinery and mining equipment which complement our services, and are also available for hire.

The senior management team at PIMS Mining have the necessary knowledge, skills and industry experience to address all your site operational and legislative requirements. And our consultants provide technical expertise and support for all aspects of the mining process and its support services.

PIMS Mining can provide clients with access to personnel who possess high quality skills and qualifications when they need it. If you are looking to grow the skills and competencies of your work force we also provide accredited training and one-on-one mentoring and coaching service of site personnel.

PIMS Mining offers a complete solution approach for its clients by providing skilled operators, experienced managers and industry experts on short and long term contracts.

Let us help optimise your production requirements in a safe and cost-effective manner.

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