RIIMCU212E Construct & Maintain Basic Ventilation Devices

Course Content

How to construct/install basic ventilation devices, and covers different types of stoppings (short-term/long-term, rated/non-rated) and regulators including preparation & setup, equipment, methodology, hazards and construction options. It also includes the inspection and maintenance requirements for each device.


May be delivered as a stand-alone unit, or bundled with other ventilation competencies (RIIMCU214D or RIIMCU302D). Refer below for bundle options.


RIIMCU212E (as stand alone unit) – 1 day; or RIIMCU212E & RIIMCU214D – 2days; or RIIMCU212E, RIIMCU214D & RIIMCU302E – 3 days


RIIMCU212E (as stand alone unit) – $300; or RIIMCU212E & RIIMCU214D – $550; or RIIMCU212E, RIIMCU214D & RIIMCU302E – $800


UG Generic/Site Induction, some UG coal experience, low level of literacy, numeracy & writing skills (sufficient for reading plans etc)


Full training/assessment, RPL, Refresher

Target Audience

Aimed at personnel working in underground coal who are required to construct and maintain basic ventilation devices as part of their duties, or supervise the construction of such.

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