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PIMS Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Provider No 40820) offering nationally recognised training or specialised/customised training to our clients using knowledgeable instructors with real industry experience. We provide interactive, flexible delivery of training material, either at our training facilities in Mackay or at the client’s workplace.

  • Supervisor Course
  • Standard 11 Surface & UG Refresher
  • Standard 11 Surface Refresher
  • RIIMCU302E Construct & Maintain Ventilation Devices
  • RIIMCU212E Construct & Maintain Basic Ventilation Devices
  • Supervisor Refresher
  • Standard 11 Surface Induction
  • Standard 11 UG Induction
  • Ventilation Bundles
  • RIIMCU214D Conduct Face Ventilation Operations
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With extensive experience in the mining industry, our instructors possess extensive qualifications and real industry experience. This brings value into the classroom, enabling the delivery of training material that is interactive and relevant to current industry practices and needs. When our instructors aren’t delivering training, they are in the field consulting, mentoring and working with clients on a variety of projects. Our trainers’ knowledge stems from experience in a broad range of disciplines including underground and surface coal mining, workplace health & safety, first aid, risk management and emergency preparedness.

Other Services

PIMS Training also offers the following services

  • Review training & assessment courses/materials for the purposes of compliance or continuous improvement.
  • Develop training & assessment materials for Competency Units, SOPs, inductions, hazard management plans and/or other specific needs.

Contact PIMS Training on (07) 4969 3900 to discuss your needs.

  • Conduct customised training and assessment activities as specified by the client, to ensure individual company and operational needs are met.
  • Mentor personnel studying for statutory qualifications and oral examinations in the form of technical/professional advice and practical/operational experience. This includes support for Deputy, Undermanager, Manager, Ventilation Officer and Gas Tickets.

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