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Conduct Face Ventilation Operations

An essential skill aimed at personnel working in underground coal in either production, support or supervisory roles who require a general knowledge of ventilation and gas principles, or whose duties include the ventilation and monitoring of active or standing faces.


1 day




RIIMCU214E Conduct Face Ventilation Operations

Course Content

This course covers general ventilation principles, ventilation plans, ventilation circuits and preparing for ventilation activities, how to construct and install face ventilation.


Stand-alone unit, or bundled with other ventilation competencies.
See bundle options


Full training and assessment, Refresher or RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)

You’ll be competent in constructing and installing:

  • Brattice methods
  • Stoppings
  • Auxiliary fans
  • Vent tubes
  • Venturi

We’ll also show you how to:

  • Monitor ventilation status
  • Monitor gases
  • Recognise and respond to hazardous ventilation conditions
  • Inspect and rectify ventilation devices and conditions


Underground Generic or Site Induction with some underground coal experience.

Low level of literacy, numeracy and writing skills
(sufficient for reading, communicating with co-workers and filling out paperwork)

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