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The four directors present an impressive mining portfolio with a cohesive range of knowledge and expertise.  Working together since 2008 has proven their collaborations are successful with ever growing project and business expansions across Queensland and New South Wales.

Andrew Itzstein

Mining Engineer

Andrew is a degree qualified Mining Engineer with 17 years of experience in mine planning, operational, statutory and management roles. Andrew has been heavily involved in the management of major mining contract projects, delivering safe efficient production. Andrew is statutory qualified having obtained his 2nd Class Mine Managers Certificate & 3rd Class (Deputy) Certificate with extensive experience as Undermanager, Deputy and Production Supervisor. He has significant involvement in the areas of mine emergency preparedness and risk management.

Mark Johnston

Mining Engineer

Mark is a mining engineer with 26 years experience in NSW & QLD coal mines, as well as international projects in India and China. Mark has worked in operational and supervisory positions in the underground coal industry including statutory roles as a Deputy and Ventilation Officer. His position as Technical Services Manager has provided him with a strong technical background in geotechnical support, ventilation design and mine planning. Mark’s involvement in Mines Rescue and site emergency exercises has also given him a strong background in emergency preparedness. Mark has an MBA which provides him with frontline management and risk management functions. Mark also conducts onsite specialised training and assessment in various technical fields.

Phil Harms

Diesel Fitter Mechanic

Phil is a qualified diesel fitter mechanic who has considerable experience in both hands-on and engineering management positions. He has coordinated the engineering activities for numerous site infrastructure and operational projects, and has also managed the maintenance of machinery fleet for production operations, support activities and longwall relocations. Phil has a proven track record in improving maintenance systems and equipment reliability.

Richard Mills

Mining and Mechanical Engineer

Richard is a degree qualified mining and mechanical engineer with 25 years experience in the coal mining industry. Richard has a varied background in operational and technical roles, including mine planning, contract management, mine ventilation and production management positions. Richard has 1st Class, 2nd Class & 3rd Class Mine Manager’s Certificates, allowing him to act in a statutory capacity as Mine Manager, Undermanager and Deputy. He is also on the Board Of Examiners for all 3 levels of Mine Managers Examinations. Richard also has qualifications and extensive experience in risk management, incident investigation, and training & assessment. He has provided systems development and risk management for clients including procedure development, implementation, and review & audit functions.