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PIMS Group Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

1. Policy Statement

PIMS Group is a leading mining contractor that provides services to several of Australia’s major mining houses. Our services include mine roadway development, longwall operations and relocations, conveyor belt installations and maintenance, installation of secondary support, installation on ventilation control devices, equipment maintenance and repairs, hire of specialised equipment, support services and labour hire.

PIMS Group is committed to keeping its private information and intellectual property confidential at all times.

2. Intent of this Policy

The intent of this Policy is to ensure PIMS Group staff are aware of their obligations to keep private information and intellectual property confidential.

3. Scope

This policy applies to all PIMS Group Directors, employees, and all organisations and individuals acting as its agents (including partners, subcontractors and consultants), on projects and operations worldwide.

4. Principles

To maintain confidentiality and protection of intellectual property and private information we will:

  • Ensure that all relevant people are aware of their obligations under this Policy and the PIMS Confidentiality Procedure.
  • Limit the availability and distribution of confidential information by restricting access permissions as set out in the PIMS Folder Structure Procedure.
  • Keep electronic documentation safe by maintaining sufficient firewalls to prevent hacking.
  • Store hard copies of confidential documentation securely and appropriately.
  • Ensure all hard copy confidential documentation is sent for secured shredding.
  • Ensure that Confidentiality Agreements are signed by all external parties requiring access to PIMS confidential information.
  • Ensure confidentiality in relation to documentation provided by clients and external parties.

This Policy is applicable to all operational areas, offices and employees, as well as external parties, who will be privy to PIMS confidential information and is binding even after separation of employment.