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PIMS Group is a mining industry leader and specialist team of underground contractors for the coal mining industry. We work with clients in several locations, delivering exceptional mining services and solutions, including training, equipment, and workers as required.

We are committed to delivering advanced, innovative mining solutions for underground coal mines, and PIMS is proud of our unrivalled reputation for the highest standards and quality in equipment, training, human workforce, and workplace health and safety for the mining sector. PIMS locations are varied across Australia’s Eastern Seaboard.

Australian Coal

Coal is currently Australia’s largest energy resource.

In 2021, 60% of Australia’s electricity is produced in coal-fired power stations.

Black coal is also widely used in:

  • Iron and steel production
  • Aluminium refineries
  • Metallurgical applications
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Carbon fibre and foam manufacturing
  • Tars
  • Medicines
  • Synthetic petroleum-based fuel
  • Commercial/residential heating

Where Can You Find PIMS?

PIMS Head Office is located in Mackay, QLD.

We also have a PIMS Office in Wollongong, NSW.

The PIMS Engineering Workshop is located in Moranbah, QLD.

PIMS is proud to have workers contracted to numerous sites throughout Queensland and New South Wales. These include:

  1. Kestrel, Emerald QLD – Kestrel is one of the world’s largest metallurgical and coking coal mines and is situated in Central Queensland’s Bowen Basin. It has been operational since 1992 and is currently approved until 2033 with reserves to at least 2046. Kestrel Coal is shipped globally to Asia, Europe, and South America.

    PIMS has contracted here since 2015, with Ventilation, Development, Statutory Services and Longwall Contracts. We have a Project Manager and Site Administration onsite.

  2. Oaky Creek, Lillyvale QLD – Oaky Creek Coal Mine is located in the Bowen Basin and it produces metallurgical coal for export purposes. It was opened in 1983 and has one of the world’s largest coal reserves. It contains two underground mining operations as well as a coal preparation plant.

    Since 2010, PIMS has provided a Project Manager, Site Administration and personnel for Development and Outbye.

  3. Glenden Town Services, Glenden QLD – Glenden is a mining town that was constructed by Glencore (formerly the Mount Isa Mines Company) in Queensland’s Isaac Region.

    PIMS provides Glenden with Trade Town Maintenance Services – electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and AC refrigeration mechanics.

  4. Aquila, QLD – The Aquila Coal Mine is a longwall mining project in the Bowen Basin. PIMS has been providing Operators and Trades for the Overland Conveyor Project Contract since April 2021.
  5. Mavis Millennium, Moranbah, QLD – mining is being resumed at the idle Millennium and Mavis Downs Mine in 2022 and PIMS Group won the contract worth $425m to provide underground mining services in what will be a huge boost to the Australian economy.

    From mid-2022, PIMS will be responsible for the whole of mine operation with a full management team including Project Manager, Mining Coordinator, Electrical Coordinator, Mechanical Coordinator, HSEQ Coordinator and Site Administration. We will also provide full crews of deputies, operators, electricians, and fitters.

  6. South32, Appin & Douglas Park, NSW – a local coal mining site for a large multinational mining and metals company with Perth Headquarters, South32 Appin & Douglas Park is a metallurgical coal mine.

    PIMS has numerous onsite teams and responsibilities:

    • Development Panel Contract
    • Longwall Production Contract
    • PIMS provides each of the above with a full management team (Project Manager, Mining Coordinator, Electrical Coordinator, Mechanical Coordinator, HSEQ Coordinator and Site Administration) and full crews of deputies, electricians, fitters and operators.
    • Outbye Contract – statutory services only
    • Water Treatment Plant Contract – electrician, fitter, and water plant operators.
  7. Moolarben, Mudgee NSW – this is an open-cut mine and underground mining development project.

    PIMS provides supplementary labour via a Project Manager and full crews of deputies, fitters, electricians and operators.

PIMS has formerly provided workers at North Goonyella, Moranbah QLD; Carborough Downs, Coppabella QLD; and Broadmeadow, Moranbah QLD.

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Discover more about what we offer at PIMS and explore how we can partner with you to deliver the premium, effective underground coal mining industry solutions you seek.

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