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A career in the Australian coal mining industry, regardless of role, rank, or position, requires at least basic training and continuing professional development on the part of all workers, from supervisor to new hires and contractors. From researching to understand the industry from the outset to gaining the required qualifications for your chosen trade or niche, to equipment ticketing and induction, you need to understand the mining methods involved, the practices and legislation for the jurisdiction within which you operate, and much more.

Each mining site operates as its own entity and the basic onsite training provided is not transferrable between sites. There are, however, various training courses pertaining to the coal mining (and other resource mining) industries that will improve your workplace employability and safety.

In particular, training and development for the basis of enhancing and maintaining the safety of practices and procedures and protecting the workforce are imperative, particularly in what is renowned for being a potentially hazardous industry.

Some of Australia’s most sought-after training courses include:


  • All underground roles
    • Standard 11 Underground & Surface – offered at PIMS Group (see below)
  • Underground Fitters
    • Hydraulics 1&2
    • Brake Testing
    • Diesel Engine Systems (DES)
  • Underground Electricians
    • EEHA (Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas)
    • High Voltage
    • CPR LVR – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for Low Voltage Rescue
  • Supervisors/ Statutory Officials
    • G2 Risk Management – mine site-specific requisite training for supervisors who undertake a formal risk assessment and employee audits
    • Supervisor Certificate 1,2, & 3
  • Others
    • Trainer & Assessor

New South Wales:

  • All underground roles
    • Mines Rescue Underground Induction + CABA – generic induction for working in an underground coal mine and using compressed air breathing apparatus.
  • Underground Fitters
    • Hydraulics 1&2
    • High-Risk Work
    • License in Dogging + Diesel Engine Systems (DES)
  • Underground Electricians
    • EEHA (Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas)
    • Provide First Aid (basic First Aid training)
    • Advanced Resuscitation (application of oxygen, airway management, & automated external defibrillators)
    • Pain Management
  • Deputy/Undermanager
    • Deputy Certificate
    • Deputy Practising Certificate
    • Provide First Aid
    • Advanced Resuscitation (application of oxygen, airway management, & automated external defibrillators)
    • Pain Management

These courses are specific to the mining industry.

Discover Underground Mining Courses at PIMS Group

PIMS Group (Pacific International Mining Solutions), specialises in underground coal mining projects, and we are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Provider No 40820 ) offering customised, specialised training for our clients. With interactive delivery to maximise learning and engagement, we accommodate our clients’ needs with flexibility and we conduct our training either at our Mackay Qld training facility or in the client’s workplace, whichever is most convenient for them and their workers.

Our training instructors have unparalleled mining industry experience, expertise, and qualifications, and as such we are perfectly positioned to facilitate an interactive classroom experience for our trainees and students. When not in the classroom, our instructors consult and work with clients and mentor in the field, maintaining their practical experience and skills.

Our instructors bring an extensive skillset including:

  • Underground coal mining
  • Surface coal mining
  • Risk management
  • Workplace health and safety
  • First Aid
  • Emergency preparedness and response

PIMS Group Training Courses

  1. Supervisor Course – essential for coal mining supervisors and OH&S representatives.
  2. Supervisor Refresher – renewing competency for the above.
  3. Standard 11 Surface Induction – competency for workers at all levels and roles in a Queensland Coal Mine.
  4. Standard 11 Surface Refresher – renewing competency for the above.
  5. Standard 11 Surface & Underground Induction – competencies aimed at workers in any role in an underground Queensland Coal Mine.
  6. Standard 11 Surface & Underground Refresher – renewing competency for the above.
  7. Construct & Maintain Basic Ventilation Devices – for competence constructing and installing stoppings and regulators.
  8. Construct & Maintain Ventilation Devices – for those requiring competence in construction and installation of bulkheads, regulators, seals, coffin boxes, balance chambers, stoppings, machine doors, overcasts and undercasts.
  9. Conduct Face Ventilation Operations – essential skillset for supervisors, support, and production workers in underground coal mines.
  10. Ventilation Bundles – for workers in production, support, and supervisory roles who work with face ventilation.

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